Karate classes in Milton Since 2007

Milton Karate Programs


Develop Skills | Ages 3 & 4

  • Develop your child physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially with age-appropriate games, drills and life skills
  • This class will prepare your child for success in school as well as our kids classes once they turn 5 years old.


Inspiring Focus | Ages 5 – 7

Our Kids classes are structured around the specific needs of this young group. Classes are fun, active and designed to develop focused defensive skills, which promote confidence. Awareness and confidence are critical qualities to have when our children are dealing with bullying situations.


Inspiring Confidence | Ages 8 – 13

Real achievements are stepping stones towards confidence. Youth classes are structured to test the abilities of this group in a safe and positive environment. The physical skills your children will learn in this class are easily transferable to other activities such as hockey, baseball and soccer.


Inspiring Confidence | Ages 14 – 17

Training with peers, these classes are physical, challenging and compel students to step forward. At an age when fitting in can seem more important than personal identity, Karate promotes leaders. The social skills cultured in these classes encourage respect for others and for self. Tomorrow’s leaders will need to be socially adept and respectful.


Inspiring Wellness | Ages 18+

Structured for mature students, this program offers purposeful fitness. Learn physical defensive skills, find your stress release and expand your overall wellness with your peers. Motivation can be easily lost in the fitness club. The progressive success structure of traditional karate is a motivation strategy that offers more than just getting you in shape.


Inspiring Vitality | Ages 16+

Balance movement with focus on breath makes Tai Chi an excellent choice to resolve the stress of our busy lifestyle. Often described as moving meditation, Tai Chi promotes joint health through controlled range of motion and lower body strengthening from balanced movement.

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