Upcoming Events for October 2019

Here are the upcoming events for October 2019; PD Day Camps, Halloween Party, and Thanksgiving long weekend closings. Check it out!

Thanks Giving Long Weekend

Please note the Dojo will be closed for the Thanksgiving long weekend;

October 11th to 14th inclusive.

Classes will resume on October 15 as per the usual class schedule.

PD Day Camp - Oct. 11th

We are still taking reservations for our October 11th PD Day Camp. Ages 7-12

Members only

Cost $56

Drop of as early as 8am and pickup by 5pm

Class begins 9am

Please click the button below for details and to register online.

Note: You can still book for the full season and save $10/day by visiting the front desk.

Halloween Party Lock-in (Parents Night Out)

When: Oct. 19th 2019

Time: 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Cost: $45

Who: Kids ages 7-13

Click the button below for details

Mindfulness Mondays

This is a 7 week group meditation series with group guided meditation and restorative practice. The goal of this series is for the participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding in the meditative arts of restorative health promotion. In today’s stressful world it is known that people need time to quiet their minds as we are inundated with technology, stress, 24/7 access to everything. People are being drained and feeling unwell and unhappy. Participants will leave each session with new awareness and vitality.