What Your Child Can Learn Through Karate Camp in Brampton

Summer camp is a great way for your child to stay active and engaged with other children during their vacation. Specifically, our karate camp can help your child develop valuable life skills that will benefit him or her in the future. The Academy of Martial Art Summer Camps feature first-aid certified leaders with child-caring experience and low camper to leader ratios.

The following are five ways that attending a karate camp will help your child’s development:

Boosting Confidence
Learning a new skill or completing a new task is exciting and can give kids a sense of accomplishment. Our karate sports summer camp helps boosts children’s confidence. For most of the kids, karate will be a new skill and they will learn to conquer new challenges outside of the school environment.

Developing Perseverance
Kids require the support of other kids to develop their ability to persevere. Fellow campers will help motivate each other while completing challenging tasks. This type of encouragement can help your kid develop valuable perseverance skills. Once your child learns this valuable life skill, they’ll be able to get through challenges in life, such as overcoming failure or finishing particularly difficult exams and projects. “School and karate have identical formulas for success,” says student Jaylen Banton. “Hard work creates hardworking results.”

Emphasizing Teamwork
Summer camp teaches kids the importance of teamwork. Karate camp includes a range of group activities, indoor and outdoor, which put a focus on leadership and team-building skills. Children have to learn to work with new friends and kids from different age groups that they might not encounter normally. Even if they have differing opinions and ideas, they will learn to work together and compromise in order to achieve their end goal. According to Jaylen, his karate friends “have grown to be family.”

Gaining Independence
When children are taken away from their comfort zone (their home with their parents), they learn to adapt to unfamiliar environments. Kids adapt by becoming independent and learning how to fend for themselves. This could help them immensely during major life events, like their first year in high school, their first job, or heading off to college.

Instilling Self-Esteem
If your kid suffers from low self-esteem, sending them to a summer camp can really help. Kids at summer camps are exposed to kids of different ages with a wide range of personalities. This helps develop their interpersonal skills and as a result, it helps them build a higher sense of self-esteem. Once they learn how to interact with different kinds of people, they’ll have an easier time handling social situations moving forward.

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