What Karate Means To Me
by George

Karate means a lot to me. Besides learning Japanese which helps me talk to my aunt who doesn’t speak English, karate means it develops 3 similar things: mental health, physical health, and character traits.

My first thing is: Physical Health. Karate helps me with protection, endurance, strength (obviously), I can exercise, and have something to do. It helps me with sweating, staying in shape, and being healthy. With muscles, I could help others with things. Whether it’s lifting groceries, to pushing wheelchairs, I will be able to help others.

The second is: Mental Health. It helps me develop more mental strength and more endurance. All the senseis keep me going and they empower me to move forward. For example, when I kept having trouble hopping and spinning on one foot, Mr. Arthur kept saying, “Come on George, I know you can do it!” Mental strength is important because it helps you through dark times like Covid 19, plus its variants and sub-variants. My mental strength barely got me through the death of my African Dwarf Frog, George Jr 😕. I also have mental strength because Karate makes me happy. I make new friends and have fun.

My last thing is: Character Traits. It helps me with courage (I used to never go up to the chalkboard in class, now I do), respect, patience (I have a hard time with that), determination, kindness, responsibility (I have a hard time with that sometimes), and being your best. Character traits are a part of Mental Strength. If you don’t have character traits, you can’t build as much Mental Strength. Most of all, character traits make you a better person.

That is what karate means to me: it develops physical health, mental health, and character traits.