On behalf of all of your AMA Sensei’s and Sempai’s, I hope that you and your family are healthy and safe.
To say that this last month has been a challenge to everyone personally and professionally would be an understatement. We are in times that will be spoken about for years after things return to normal, and I am confident we will return.
During this time, I have also witnessed your teachers come together in a way that takes the meaning of teamwork to a new level. They have been driven to make sure that the Martial Arts is still a key piece of your growth and learning.
Many of the students and parents expressed a desire to continue training when the quarantine started. Our on-line training has been very well received, and we are glad to see the huge response.
We also know that you have said it is still not enough.
A sense of structure and routine is critical in all of our homes at the moment. To have something to look forward to that provides a connection to your classmates and instructors, plus offers the physical activity that is being missed greatly during this time is what we want to make available.
Starting Monday, April 13, we are making it possible for you to return to your Karate training from your home.
A new on-line Dojo schedule has been created to allow all students to attend their regular age and belt level classes. These classes will be taught by your AMA instructors in a virtual Zoom format.
We will be rolling this out in batches of 100 students to keep it manageable. Over the next few weeks you will be receiving a registration email with the new schedule and your next steps.
Since we are limiting class attendance, we ask that as soon as you receive your email, you register yourself, or your children, for the class based on your age and belt level.
You will then receive a confirmation email with a link that you will use to access your class at the scheduled time.
As with anything new, there will likely be some hiccups along the way that we will work through together. We appreciate your patience and positivity during this time.
See you all soon!