This month at the Academy of Martial Arts, our theme is “Mental Strong.” We are promoting mental health awareness and including meditation and stillness in our classes. In celebration of February’s theme, let’s talk about the power of stillness.

Ever consider taking a moment to sit still, close your eyes, and give yourself a second to relax? Chances are it may be one of the least likely things you want to do with your day. At the same time, it may be one of the most important things you can do for yourself. No matter your age or life situation, the power of stillness and how it can change your life for the better.

The Advantages of Being Still

It seems like we never stop moving. With way more to do than time to do it, the majority of us are too busy rushing from place to place to ever consider sitting still. And yet, there is an incredible power to stillness that is impossible to replicate and incredibly beneficial to our lives and wellbeing. Simply put, stillness allows us to focus inwardly, to address the anxieties and feelings we have, and to become a more relaxed, centered, and focused individual.

The power of stillness comes from reflection. Being still, you can slow down your life, stop focusing on the past or future, and focus entirely on this moment. If you practice focusing only on the moment, you will be absolutely amazed at the beneficial results that can happen. People who report sitting still and meditating before work have higher satisfaction on the job, more energy, and more excitement. It provides you with an advantage over other people and the determination to see your day through.

Finding A Meditation That Works For You

There are countless ways to meditate. For example, a popular form of meditation is the meditative practice. This is where you sit upright (but not rigid) and carefully collect your thoughts. Beginning with a focused breathing exercise where you breathe in and out slowly, focusing only on the sensations of inhalation and exhalation. Once you are done doing this, you address what comes to your mind one at a time. Let the thoughts enter your mind and float past – simply observe them without judgment. Meditation can also include sound. Mantras are a way of chanting sounds and words to help better center the mind. Finally, if sitting still is not your thing, then there are always things like yoga and karate that can provide positive results while moving.

Incorporate stillness into your karate routine and you’ll see how it makes the rest of your session that much more beneficial.