learning how to meditate

You wake up far earlier than you would like to because your mind is constantly running over the endless list of things to do. Your internal alarm clock seems to never shut off and you always have the feeling that you are running behind or forgetting something. Life can be pretty stressful and at times we may be pushed to our boiling point simply by just going through the motion of daily activity. It is important to find peace amidst the chaos.

Meditation is a powerful calming practice that has many well-known health benefits. Frequent meditation can reduce anxiety, help ease body pain and prevent sickness, ease pain from fibromyalgia, and even make us smarter. With all of these benefits, it’s a wonder why we don’t all meditate every single day.

Meditation can be a healing escape from the stresses of daily activities. You must be committed to the meditation process and fully submit your body to the calming practice. If you’re picturing yourself sitting saying “ooommmm” with your hands on your knees and can’t see how you would ever be able to fit that into your day, rest easy because there are other ways to meditate. Here are two different options.

Walking Meditation

The practice of walking meditation is called kinhin. Continuous movement of the body, slow and calculated, combined with total awareness of your mind and body allows you to achieve kinhin. It’s best to do walking meditation in an area with few distractions and a continuous pathway available, such as a field or a large park. Take the time to fully connect with every muscle in your body and to turn your brain away from the chaos of your day. Total body awareness will allow you to feel the meditation. Be sure to maintain good posture for excellent body flow. Practice deep breathing and really focus on the breaths.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a slow dance-like motion that uses rhythmic physical movements to focus and center the mind. For beginners, Tai Chi can be learned in classes then practiced on your own, although some people find practicing in a group even at expert level to be the most relaxing way to do Tai Chi. This is a form of moving meditation so your mind is focused on the moves, on your body, and on your paced steady breathing. The stresses of your day are left at the door and you are free to let your body slip into a meditated state. Tai Chi is an exercise suited for people of all ages and fitness levels. Check our classes to find the Tai Chi at your nearest AMA location.

Meditation is an ageless practice that has many proven benefits. Reward your body and yourself with frequent meditation sessions and feel the stress slip away from you.