Tai Chi in Brampton

Since 1988

As a form of physical exercise performed regularly, Tai Chi addresses the key components of fitness: muscle strength, flexibility, and balance by engaging every major muscle and joint group in the body. Even bone strength can be improved. Good posture is essential in the practice of Tai Chi not only for the sequence of movements but also for the flow of energy throughout the body. Although body parts move independently of one another, the body itself moves as one unit.

Tai Chi movement can be adapted or modified based on the needs of the individual. It can be performed at a slower or faster pace; with deeper, or shorter stances. It can be practiced standing or sitting which allows Tai Chi to be performed by those confined to a wheelchair or recovering from surgery. Regardless of how it is practiced, Tai Chi will have a positive effect on your range of movement.

The practice of Tai Chi has been shown to reduce the risk of injuries related to diminished stability. Senior citizen who practice Tai Chi regularly, have reportedly shown lower incidences of falls compared to their counterparts who do not. A result believed to be induced by improved gait stability, coordination and balance.

AMA Wellness Program

Customized for your Company

This program will provide you and your team with skills to help combat stress, increase physical and mental awareness, and improve balance and stability. Anyone can attend as the physical fitness will be focused on stretching, range of motion, and breathing.

Your Schedule

Classes are Hybrid, you can choose how you would like to train:
In-person, Online Live, or a mix of both

Monday 6::15 pm – 41 Main st N (Downtown Brampton)
Tuesday 9:30 am – 41 Main st N (Downtown Brampton)
Tuesday 7:15 pm – 13 Fisherman Drive
Wednesday 7:15 pm – 41 Main st N (Downtown Brampton)
Thursday 12:15 pm –  13 Fisherman Drive
Friday 9:30 am –  41 Main st N (Downtown Brampton)
Saturday 8:15 am – 41 Main st N (Downtown Brampton)

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Tai Chi in Brampton

At The Academy of Martial Arts, we practice a system of Tai Chi that promotes range of movement and balance. Focusing on joint flexibility, Tai Chi can reduce the risk of injuries that are most often associated with restricted movement or age. Each class consists of a light warm-up comprised of balance drills, isolated movement…

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The Power Of Stillness

This month at the Academy of Martial Arts, our theme is “Mental Strong.” We are promoting mental health awareness and including meditation and stillness in our classes. In celebration of February’s theme, let’s talk about the power of stillness. Ever consider taking a moment to sit still, close your eyes, and give yourself a second…

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The Power of Meditation

You wake up far earlier than you would like to because your mind is constantly running over the endless list of things to do. Your internal alarm clock seems to never shut off and you always have the feeling that you are running behind or forgetting something. Life can be pretty stressful and at times…

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