You can now easily refer your friends and family through the AMA website, It’s so easy!

And they can be from anywhere now too with online training

This can be done by using your custom referral link, found on your account referral page.

On this page, you can also send emails quickly and easily, or share on social media. You can also track your invites and coupons.

By doing it this way the person you refer will get your custom referral link and automatically receive a discount on their first membership. You will then receive an email with a $50 coupon.

Login to your account through the page below.

Next: Click the Refer A Friend button in the menu on the left,

Use any of the ways in the image below to Refer A Friend
Pictured here is just a sample referral link, you will get yours once you login.

You must have made a purchase on the website somehow in order to activate this