Private Lessons

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One-on-one training can take your martial arts to the next level.

Choose an Instructor

Private Lesson with Mr Anderson


Join Mr. Anderson for a 1 on 1 class.

Choose either one 30 minute lesson
or three 30 minute lessons

Online or In-Person

Also create a custom class for you and your friends/family with Bubble Packages

Bubble Packages


Bubble Packages – In Dojo Custom Classes

We are so excited to announce our brand new Bubble Packages!
Do them in pairs or find 2-4 of your closest friends and family to create a custom class of your own.

Work on Self Defense and Partner Training. Use equipment and hit stuff.

You must have your own partners already.

Choose your instructor and the package option for them.

Package options:
Single Person (1 on 1)
Pairs (2 students with 1 instructor), choose a single class or package of 3
Group (Your family/friend bubble of 3-5 with 1 instructor), choose a single class or package of 3

Classes will be 45mins in length

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