Dear Students and Parents,

We wish to take this opportunity to say you are doing something remarkable. Your decision to maintain physical activity and social connection through Martial Arts is a wonderful choice.

Recently, inactivity and isolation have become the average response. This course of action has been proven to be a trigger to physical and emotional concerns.

Online classes at AMA offer physical activity and connection through an interactive rapport between our instructors and students. To help preserve this shared experience we ask a few things from you.

Online Karate Classes in Brampton

Before your online class, please:

  • Create a safe training area that will allow for free movement.
  • Make sure that you or your child is in uniform and ready for class.
  • Five minutes before the class is scheduled to begin, please connect through the Zoom link for the session.
  • After you connect to the class please change your Zoom name to the student’s first name only. This helps the instructor in class and preserves your privacy.
  • Make sure your camera and microphone are both working before the class begins.
  • Please check your camera angles. Observing students perform is critical so the instructor can assess and offer feedback.
  • This is a physical activity, the instructor’s ability to see and hear the students is a Safety Matter.
  • Parents, please stay where you can see and/or hear your child’s class. For their safety and for your ability to take care of any technical difficulties that may occur.

While it is important for students to see the instructor as they demonstrate technique, it is critical for the instructor to see the students perform.

Thank You,
Your AMA Family

The Brampton Academy of Martial Arts