Below you will find 3 new schedules. Honbu Dojo (Main St), North Dojo (Fisherman Dr), and Online.

This new schedule will begin Monday, August 15th.

This new schedule will offer more options for classes for each age group, and we are able to split age groups more. Also, the ability to stagger class start times that run at the same time.

Within our system, this will be a brand new schedule with no one registered in classes.
Therefore we need everyone to please take a look and confirm with us which classes you will be training in.

You will notice that some classes may have changed from a quarter after start time to half past. ie 4:15 Tuesday at North is now 4:30

Go by the age your child will be as of December 31 this year.

So if they are 7 now but 8 in December, choose the 8-10 year old classes.

Adults and teens also have classes for all belts, so you have your belt level classes plus all belt classes.

Please let us know the student’s name, first and last, their belt level, which days and times you want, and which dojo the class is at. Like this:

Tony Bloggins – Advanced White
North Dojo
Tuesday 4:30 5-7 kids
Thursday 6:15 5-7 kids

Thank you very much!

Your AMA Family

Karate Schedule in Brampton