I’m Astrid Hardjana-Large and I’ve been a member of the Academy of Martial Arts for about 15 years. Living with Epilepsy, then recovering from a stroke, training with the Academy of Martial Arts is a motivation for self-discovery. With an accepting community focused on everyone’s capabilities, difference isn’t something to fear; it inspires respect.

Having been a member of tai chi and then rejoining under alternate circumstances, AMA enlightened a spiritual journey. To recognize moves, yet be aware that it isn’t known, encouraged a lighter concentration on physical differences and drew a relation to the people around me.

Everyone struggles with personal stipulations to be who they are, yet a welcoming environment to train is a reminder that there’s hope to succeed. What cannot be today is a goal for the future and every effort is a contribution to our person.

Thank you to the AMA community for the continuous acceptance and encouragement you contribute to the world. Our values at AMA are an inspiration for living.

Have a Great Day =)
Astrid Hardjana-Large