This is the beginning of several articles written by one of our family members, Mara Ouimette.
What form of exercise can benefit the mind, body and spirit, can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or physical ability, indoors or outdoors and requires no specialized equipment?

The answer is simple: Tai Chi.

The ancient Chinese Internal Art form is based on the Yin Yang philosophy and emphasizes that all opposing elements in the universe need to be kept in balance. While everything in life can be viewed as being composed of two opposites, they are in reality, complementary and creating a perfect harmony. This harmony promotes peace, tranquility, stability and longevity. The fluid, circular and slow movements of Tai Chi are believed to induce and disperse the flow of Qi (Chi), life energy, throughout the body.

Watch for these blogs on the health benefits of Tai Chi by Mara to be posted over the next month or so:
Cardiovascular Health
– Musculoskeletal Health
– Tai Chi as Complementary Therapy
– Mental Health