As the name suggests, Tai Chi originates from China and it is an ancient art form that joins together the mind, the body and the soul to turn you into a calm and centred being. The benefits of Tai Chi are numerous. In terms of physicality the sheer skill and technique that is required to execute the stances and moves of the exercise can do wonders for balance, and will also help to support your joints and increase your muscle tone. On a more emotional note, research has also demonstrated that engaging regularly in Tai Chi can actually help to increase feelings of happiness and decrease feelings of sadness, confusion and anger. It seems to be the perfect workout, so if you’re ready to get started on your Tai Chi journey, what do you need to do?

  1. Find a Good Teacher

Tai Chi is a very complicated and difficult system of exercises and every single on is developing in order to harmonize the mind and the body. For this reason it is incredibly important that you find a good teacher. The first few lessons will be hard, and you will find yourself moving your body in ways that you never even dreamed of. Incorrect teaching could result in pain and injury so make sure you get this bit right.

  1. Suitable for Everyone

Though Tai Chi is a martial art and advanced students can learn complex and demanding movements, the basics of Tai Chi are accommodating for everyone. Children, teens, adults, and seniors with any fitness level are about to learn and enjoy the many benefits of Tai Chi, including improved balance, increased range of movement, and flexibility. Tai Chi can also be adapted for students with physical disabilities, injuries, or limited range of movement.

  1. Practice Regularly

If you really want to get better and take advantage of all the benefits that Tai Chi can give, then it’s highly important that you make a commitment to practice regularly. While a Tai Chi session here and there can be a great way to reduce stress in your busy life, attending weekly sessions and getting into a groove will pay huge dividends.

  1. Be Open-Minded

Tai Chi is not just about exercising the body, it is also about exercising the mind. It is essentially a way of life and to experience as much of this lifestyle as possible you need to be open-minded and embrace all that it has to offer. Throw away those fears and inhibitions, it doesn’t matter if you think you look silly, you don’t.

Tai Chi sessions are scheduled throughout the week, so contact the AMA location nearest you to learn more!