Every year at around the end of November and the beginning of December we have our Winter Kai Zen Do training camp. This is always a destination trip. Sometimes we go somewhere warm, but for the last maybe 7 years we have gone up north to a resort on a lake. Where some of us brave the cold and jump in the lake for a chilly swim. This year for our 35th anniversary we decided to make it a little bigger than usual, so more than 50 of us went to Costa Rica. We spent 7 days at an all-inclusive resort and trained on the beach five of those mornings. We spent a lot of time connecting with each other, having fun, and relaxing. We even had 3 of our black belts receive their Sandan (3rd degree) on the beach. Everyone had such a great time, and we’ve already started planning another trip like it for 2025. Check out some of the training photos below.