If you don’t already know, we are open.
Classes, seminars and private lesson are running at the dojo right now.
You can come in to say hi, pick up gear, receive a belt (you just have to wear a mask).
For classes, if you are online and want to remain online, you can.
If you want to do In Person classes, you can.
How are classes running you ask?
This is done over a Zoom meeting so that we can provide feedback and still look at students for gradings. Gradings are also online. Once you have chosen your two classes from the Online Schedule (see the red button below) you email us and let us know which classes you want and we send back the links you need to use each week.
In Person Class Registration:
Students who wish to train at either Dojo location will be required to register for their class. The existing on-line class schedule will continue to support your training program.
  • Registration is open NOW
  • You should already have log-in credentials to your Personal AMA Portal, This portal is where you will register for your in-person class. If you can’t find the original email just CLICK HERE and use the forgot password link
  • At this time, we are limiting students to One Onsite Class.
  • In this stage we will be limiting classes to eight students and one instructor.
  • The existing on-line training schedule will continue to be supported. Offering the bulk of your training and will be available for make-up classes.
  • You have to register for your class every week, this insures everyone is always updating the COVID assessment questionnaire.
  • You can only register for a class less than a week prior to the class.
  • Also click on the Blue Button below so you know what to to when you arrive.
We are looking forward to seeing you in class!
Your AMA Family