Asian Heritage Month Canada

May 2022

Asian Heritage Month School Assemblies with the Brampton Academy of Martial Arts.

Students will be introduced to the Martial Arts culture of Japan through the traditional art of Karate. An interactive assembly that begins with the traditional bow of mutual respect and cooperation. After a quick warm-up to get everyone moving, students will be introduced to some basic Karate techniques, using the Japanese terms with English translation.

Your students will learn about the Samurai mindset of Japan and the concept of “Kai Zen Do”, the way of constant improvement. Teachers in Karate are called Sensei in Japanese, which means “someone who is further along the way”. They are more like a lead learner and still improving themselves. A concept that is easily related back to the student’s own schooling and learning.

We would love to share the Japanese culture through Karate training with your students.

Please contact Carrie Leigh Percival

at The Brampton Academy of Martial Arts


For any more information about our programs.