Tai Chi Retreat Brampton Academy of Martial Arts At Bayview Wildwood Resort

It’s a pleasant April afternoon, and we are hiking through the woods on waterlogged trails in Muskoka, Ontario. The path we are following slowly ascends and the trail dries. It is Spring, nature is waking up from its’ Winter slumber; and in many ways we are too.

The trail breaks into a rocky clearing filled with sunlight. In this warmth we collectively take a few moments to connect with nature, ourselves, and those around us. The Spring 2024 AMA Tai Chi Retreat has begun.

Following our hike we had a chance to clean up before gathering in the Bayview Wildwood Resort’s dining room for the first of many meals. Train, eat, and repeat has become the mantra over the years of our training Retreats at this beautiful facility.

Following dinner, we gathered for a lecture; actually more of a discussion, in the meeting hall that we would be training in for the next two days. Without going into too much detail, we all left at the end of the evening with clarity and a goal of what we each wanted to achieve at this Retreat.

Early Saturday morning we gathered and the physical training began. Some of you who are reading this may think that we are Tai Chi experts, or professionals. In fact, this Retreat had participants from 15 to 80 years who have been practicing Tai Chi for a few weeks, a few months, a couple of years, and even a small number who teach Tai Chi too.

Sunday morning after a final training session, the Spring 2024 Tai Chi Retreat wrapped up with – yes you guessed it, breakfast. Over the weekend everyone learned something, everyone connected, and we all left a little calmer, a little quieter, a little more relaxed.