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Striking that healthy balance between work and life has become an increasingly difficult challenge in today’s society. As a result of the demanding pressures of work, family, home and everything in between, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) reported that 58% of Canadians feel overloaded with life. If you feel as though you’re struggling to keep up or maintain a healthy balance, you’re certainly not alone.

It’s imperative for the sake of your health to create some form of balance and make it a priority. These three strategies can help in striking that healthy balance between work and life.

Leave Work at the Office

Today, with technology allowing us to be ever more connected to work, it can be difficult to know when or how to step away and shut things off that are work-related. Our phones buzz with every new client email, and it’s hard to ignore it even when you’re trying to enjoy a quiet night with the family at home.

Try to make a point to leave your work at the office. And if you do have a mobile phone that allows clients or the office to stay in touch even after office hours, you need to create appropriate boundaries and state that once you leave the office, you’re off the clock and no longer available. Whatever is needed can wait until you’re back at it the following morning.

Schedule Down Time

Lists are great for getting your thoughts and goals down on paper so you can visualize them and actually make them happen. Start creating a priority list that includes your personal priorities – whether reading more, making time for exercise, or spending an hour each night dedicated to relaxing – and try to create a schedule for downtime. Use whatever method that works for you to ensure that you can shift your work around your personal priorities, even if that means scheduling them into the calendar.

Make Time for Exercise

Exercise should always be one of those items on your list. No matter what way you choose to incorporate it, staying active is essential for allowing both your body and mind to decompress, shed the stress from the day, and gain some clarity. Whether you prefer a morning run to start the day off right, adult karate classes on the weekend, or ice hockey on Tuesday nights, make it a priority.

Sometimes, we must recognize our limitations when it comes to trying to be that go-to person for clients or even your boss. When work begins to spill over and consume your personal time at home, it’s time to readjust that scale. It’s time to make yourself a priority. Give your body and mind some reprieve by disconnecting from technology, making time for exercising, and realizing that downtime is just as important as work time.