As well as being our Chief Instructor at AMA, Shihan Brian Cyr is also a sought-after leadership coach who works with individuals and teams to move from a current, to a more ideal reality.

In 2011 the first Goal Getters program was launched with a focus on going from “good to great”. A group of students committed to a self-discovery process to leverage and develop their best selves in pursuit of their individual goals.

In 2021 the Goal Getters program will be offered once again!! The focus for the 2021 program will be on looking at Tim Gallwey’s formula:

Performance = Potential – Interference

  • Performance: What do you want to be different/better?
  • Potential: Who am I at my best?
  • Interference: How do I get in my own way?

The program, which will all take place on the Zoom platform, consists of 2 elements

1: Team coaching: Our group will meet monthly for 90 minutes to discuss and participate in a leadership forum. Here we will collaborate in group discussion and activities as we break down Gallwey’s formula for success. (5 sessions in total on the 3rd Thursday of each month starting in February)

2: One on one coaching sessions: 45-minute one on one coaching sessions with Shihan to work on your specific needs and wants as an influencer. (3 sessions in total with dates and times to be determined with each individual.)

  • The 2021 Goal Getters only has space for 10 teenage students!!
  • Pre-work will begin in January 2021
  • Call the Dojo to reserve your spot