What Martial Arts do we teach?

Within our System of Kosen Bujutu; we teach GoJu Karate, Tai Chi, Jujutsu, and Kobudo. Learn more HERE

What Style of Karate do we teach?

We do GoJu Ryu Karate – Learn more HERE

Where does Karate come from?

Karate is a Japanese martial art – Learn more HERE

How do I tie my belt?

Great question! See our Belt Tying lesson HERE

Where can I find Translations for the Japanese words said in class?

We have a page for that HERE

Are there pre-recorded videos I can follow along with?

Yes, there are, find those HERE. You just have to create a free login for it.
Use Group Code amadojo

How do I grade for my next rank?

We will continually monitor your improvement as you train, and soon you will be invited to grade for your next Karate Belt. Gradings are an event where families get to see your Martial Arts skills and support you in this journey.
Gradings test your physical skills and more. Most of our levels include written assignments and some extracurricular training too. Your first grading will be for your Advanced White Belt. We only ask that you enjoy your training and try your best for this belt.
There are no written requirements for Advanced White Belt. I would recommend; however, that you look ahead to see the grading requirements for your following belts,
(Yellow, Advanced Yellow, Orange…) to see what is next. You can see them HERE

“If you work hard enough and assert yourself and use your mind and imagination, you can shape the world to your desires.”

Malcolm Gladwell

Can I fail my grading?

Yes, there is a chance this could happen. However, we also try to make sure the student is ready before inviting them to a grading. If they need more work then we give them feedback on what they need to work on and help them set goals. You can also ask for feedback at any point if you are curious.

What else besides class can help me on my journey?

We have several options. We typically run seminars designed to help the students grow, have fun, and connect with each other.

Another great way is by doing Private Lessons. This allows all the focus and feedback to be just for you.

We also run camps for kids through the summer, March Break, and Christmas holidays.