Adult/Teen Kyu Cards

Kyu Cards9th Kyu – White Belt8th Kyu – Yellow Belt7th Kyu – Orange Belt6th Kyu – Green Belt5th Kyu – Purple Belt4th Kyu – Blue Belt3rd Kyu – Brown Belt2nd Kyu – Brown Single Stripe Belt1st Kyu – Brown Double Stripe BeltExams9th Kyu – White Belt8th Kyu – Yellow Belt7th Kyu – Orange Belt6th Kyu…


Youth Kyu Cards

16th Kyu – White Belt15th Kyu – Advanced White Belt14th Kyu – Yellow Belt13th Kyu – Advanced Yellow Belt12th Kyu – Orange Belt11th Kyu – Advanced OrangeBelt10th Kyu – Red Belt9th Kyu – Advanced Red Belt8th Kyu – Green Belt7th Kyu – Advanced Green Belt6th Kyu – Purple Belt5th Kyu – Advanced Purple Belt

Kai Zen Do

Constant improvement is a quality that embraces the spirit of Traditional Martial Arts. As an organization, it is the mission of the Kaizen Do to assist professional Martial Art schools in all facets of their operation. The collective knowledge of this organization in Karate, Tai Chi, Kobudo, Jujutsu, Pa Kua, self-defense tactics, and physical training…


Japanese Karate

The Zen Buddhist Monk Bodhirma is commonly considered the originator of the martial arts including karate. In the sixth century, he traveled across the Himalayan mountains from India arriving in Honan, province of China, where he began a monastery. Bodhidharma noted that although his disciples were strong mentally, they were weak physically, and were frequently…



GERI KICKS Mae Geri Front Kick Yoko Geri Side Kick Ushiro Geri Back Kick Mawashi Geri Roundhouse Kick Mikazuki Geri Crescent Kick Fumakomi Stomp Kick Kinsetsu Geri Joint Kick Mae Tobi Geri Flying Front Kick Yoko Tobi Geri Flying Side Kick Ashi Barai Foot Sweep Hiza Geri Knee Kick MISCELLANEOUS   Sempai Senior Karate Do…


Our System- Kosen Bujutsu

Over two decades of teaching, travel, training, and research has guided the Academy of Martial Arts to the forefront of self-defense education. Our system of “Kosen Bujutsu” is the result of an amalgamation of traditional disciplines, classical systems, and the contemporary sciences of kinesiology. It is the cumulative result of these independent parts working in…


Belt Tying Lesson

The Belt is tied in a square knot. If it’s your first try make sure that your ties have been properly secured, and that the left side of the jacket overlaps the right. (fig. a. & b.). The next step is to fold the belt in half; to determine the center, then place the center…